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2019-2020 Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Numbers, Credits, Descriptions

Course Numbers

Generally, courses with letter prefixes apply toward degrees and certificates, and courses with 100 and 200 numbers are college transfer courses; those numbered 200 to 299 are considered sophomore-level courses. Be sure to check the degree requirements for the certificate or degree you are seeking to ensure that the course you are taking will be counted.

Course Credits

In order to earn an associate’s degree in two years, students should enroll for an average of 16 college-level credits in fall, winter, and spring terms. If college preparatory courses are required, the number of credits each term would increase accordingly. Curriculum and program requirements described in this catalog provide more information on the program or degree of your choice.

Students participating in intercollegiate athletics, must complete and pass at least 12 credit hours each term for eligibility purposes. Students are encouraged to visit with BMCC’s athletic director and/or our coaches for detailed eligibility requirements.

Reading Course Descriptions

Courses offered at BMCC are listed in this section of the catalog. Not every course is offered every term. Use the schedule of classes to determine quarterly course offerings. Students who plan to transfer should consult with their program advisor to ensure course transferability.


Courses are grouped by area of study and listed alphabetically by letter prefix and course number. Courses numbered 100 and above are designed for transfer to other colleges for degree credit.

Course Number and Title Letters and numbers along with the title of the course. Example: AGM131 Agricultural Saftey
Course Description Briefly summarizes course content.
Credits, Lecture, Lab The number of credits earned by taking the course is noted. Each lecture credit corresponds to one hour of instruction per week. Each lab credit equals 3 hours per week. Each other credit generally refers to 2 hours of class time per credit.
Prerequisite  Prerequisites are listed below course descriptions. A prerequisite is a course that must be completed before enrolling in the selected course. It is important to note prerequisites before registering.
Corequisite Corequisite is a course that should be completed either before or while attending the selected course.

Course Designations:

Non-Designated Courses

Courses numbered 100 and above listed in this section of the catalog that have not received a designation mark as outlined above may or may not meet degree requirements or be transferable to other institutions. Questions regarding transferability of courses should be directed to the program advisor, associate vice president of enrollment management, or vice president of instruction.

Non-Transfer Courses

Courses with numerical designations less than 100 are not transferable to four-year institutions.

Progression Charts

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