Sep 24, 2023  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Business Administration (AAS)

  Business and Management  

Intended Program Outcomes:

This two-year A.A.S. degree program will prepare the student to either transfer to an Oregon University System institution on a course-by-course basis or to be effective in the workplace in the following areas:

  • Establish and promote a collaborative work environment where all voices are heard and valued as they contribute to shared goal
  • Work within the ethical, legal, and regulatory parameters of the industry
  • Calculate, compile and analyze financial records to make practical business decisions
  • Attract, screen, hire, train, and supervise personnel
  • Select and integrate appropriate current and emerging technologies to support business functions
  • Use verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills effectively in the business context
  • Interact effectively with clients and customers
  • Use critical thinking skills to solve business problems
  • Exhibit work behaviors that maximize opportunity for continued employment, increased responsibilities and business success
  • Lead a work unit in a direction that aligns with stated organizational vision, mission and values.

Program Curriculum

Term 1 Total: 16

Term 2 Total: 12

Term 3 Total: 15

Term 4 Total: 17

Term 5 Total: 16

Term 6 Total: 17

Total Credits: 93