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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

UAS Professional Pilot

Intended Program Outcomes:

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are being used by many industries to more efficiently collect data and improve operational safety. From herding livestock to aiding law enforcement to inspecting critical infrastructure in the energy industry, UAS are expanding into nearly every major commercial sector. This program is designed to fill the rapidly growing UAS industry with professional UAS workforce personnel who operate on par with manned aviation organizations. Students who have earned this training certificate will gain the necessary knowledge in UAS airframes and aerodynamics, system designs and components, autopilot programming and fundamentals, sensors and payload operations, how to operate in National Airspace for UAS operations, and FAA UAS Regulations. Courses are designed and taught by industry professionals with decades of experience in UAS operations. Curriculum includes both classroom instruction and hands-on experience with Piccolo autopilot software and UAS.

  • Monitor, interpret and plan UAS missions around weather
  • Understand the principles of aerodynamics and flight
  • Proficiency with pre/post-flight operations and in-flight procedures
  • Understand Federal Aviation Administration Regulations that apply to Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Proper procedures for operation within the National Airspace
  • Operational knowledge of various Autopilots and user interface across UAS
  • Assess the proper sensor for industry requirements

Title IV- Not eligible for Federal aid

Program Curriculum

Term 1

Term 1 Total: 60 Contact Hours

Total Hours: 60