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2017-18 Academic Catalog 
2017-18 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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Inter-College Partnerships and Articulated Degree Programs

Inter-College Partnerships

Eastern Oregon Collaborative Colleges Council (EOCCC)

BMCC, Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC), and Eastern Oregon University (EOU) have worked together in several academic disciplines to improve articulation opportunities for students, allowing them to share lower division course work among BMCC, TVCC, and EOU; to transfer those credits to EOU; and to complete upper division courses at EOU culminating in a four-year degree. For more information on the co-enrollment process, please go to the Service Center or call 541-278-5759.

Early College Credit (formerly Eastern Promise)

BMCC, in partnership with the InterMountain Education Service District and school districts in Eastern Oregon, extends the opportunity for “early college experiences” to high school students in the region.  This program helps students make the transition from high school to college by enrolling in college-level courses and earning college credits while still in high school.  Increasing the number of students who are prepared to attend college directly from high school is the goal of this partnership, and students and their families experience financial savings and a jump start on developing skills for college and/or a career. 

Whether you are a high school student looking to earn college credits towards an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree, or a parent interested in learning how to help their student be college-ready, Early College Credit (ECC) is a great place to start.  Check out more information on the website:


Oregon State University Dual Admission: Through an agreement with Oregon State University (OSU), BMCC students may be jointly admitted to BMCC and OSU and be eligible to enroll concurrently at both institutions. There is a joint application process for eligible students; the admission deadline is one week before the start of classes of each term based on OSU’s academic calendar. Students enrolled in the program are required, as a condition of admission, to agree that their student records will be shared between and available to each institution. For more information on this program, contact BMCC’s Office of Admissions and Records.

Articulated Degree Programs

BMCC enjoys articulation agreements with a variety of institutions. The following agreements allow you to attain your degree while staying in your local area.

Central Oregon Community College: Pharmacy Technician Program

BMCC has partnered with Central Oregon Community College to offer this three-term program developed to prepare individuals for employment in the pharmacy industry. Pharmacy technicians are skilled workers who are educated and trained to work in a pharmacy and assist in all areas of the pharmacy not requiring the professional judgment of the registered pharmacist. Some current practice areas for the pharmacy technician include retail, hospital, manufacturing, disease state management, and mail order and insurance claim specialists. The pharmacy technician processes prescriptions and medication orders and plays an integral role in maintaining the pharmacy department.

Courses are completed in an online and hybrid format. They focus on the abilities needed to assist the pharmacist and provide the skills necessary to process prescriptions accurately, participate in administration and management of a pharmacy, and maintain inventory. Topics of study include medical terminology, anatomy and functions of the human body, therapeutic classification and drug names, pharmacy procedures, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmacy law and interpersonal communications. Students will have a working knowledge of sterile technique, standards of practice, quality assurance and patient confidentiality. In addition, students will develop and practice communication skills needed to function in a professional setting. In order to gain workplace experience, students will also participate in a hospital and retail pharmacy practicum.

The program will prepare students to take the national certification examination to become a certified pharmacy technician as required by the Oregon Board of Pharmacy and to be employed in a pharmacy setting.

Please contact our program site coordinator, Crystal Patton-Doherty, at 541-278-5876 for more information about this program.

Eastern Oregon University: Teacher Education Programs (formerly CUESTE)

BMCC students seeking Teacher licensure in the state of Oregon have two options through this partnership with EOU.  Both programs prepare a student to enter the Master of Arts in Teacher (MAT) at EOU which allows individuals to become licensed teachers in either elementary or secondary settings. 

EOU’s Undergraduate Elementary Teacher Education program requires that the student complete a Multidisciplinary Studies Major (MUD) or complete a prescribed pathway and Elementary Education major.  All lower division classes in the MUD degree/pathway can be completed at BMCC; upper division coursework can be completed online or onsite at EOU in La Grande, Oregon.

The second option is for students to complete a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline through a combination of lower division courses (AAOT courses at BMCC) and upper division courses at EOU.  Once a student has completed a Bachelor’s degree, they are eligible to apply to the MAT program.

EOU has an advising center at the BMCC Hermiston Center on the main campus in Pendleton.  An EOU education faculty member is available for appointments at both locations.  For more information, please contact the College of Education at  https://www.eou.edu/cobe/ed/ or speak to a BMCC advisor.

Linn-Benton Community College: Diagnostic Imaging Technology (DIT)

BMCC has partnered with Linn-Benton Community College to offer a distance education program for diagnostic imaging. Using a combination of clinical instruction, online courses within the college learning management system, and the synchronous virtual classroom environment, distance education students can receive dynamic instruction to help them achieve their learning goals.

The Diagnostic Imaging Program prepares students through a progressive, outcome-based educational format. Modules of study include radiation protection, radiographic procedures, image production and evaluation, equipment maintenance operation, patient care and management, and clinical radiography.

The purpose of this program is to prepare students to practice as proficient, multi-skilled professionals in culturally diverse health care settings; to demonstrate outcomes required by the American Registry of Radiological Technologists (ARRT) and The American Society of Radiological Technologists (ASRT) Course Curriculum Guide; and to apply for and successfully complete ARRT certification examinations. Upon completion of the program and the general education requirements students will be eligible to apply for an associate of applied science degree through Linn-Benton Community College.

The Diagnostic Imaging Program is highly prescriptive and entails several key elements. Please contact our program site coordinator, Crystal Patton-Doherty, at 541-278-5876 for more information about this program.

Linn-Benton Community College: Occupational Therapy Program

BMCC has partnered with Linn-Benton Community College to offer a two-year associate’s degree program designed to prepare the student to function as an entry-level occupational therapy assistant (OTA).

OTAs work under the supervision of occupational therapists to help clients develop, maintain, and/or regain health and function through the use of purposeful activity. They address physical, mental, and social components of activity as they work with clients to improve the underlying cause of impairment and/or to adapt activities for client success. This program follows a hybrid-delivery model in which the classroom portion is delivered online (to allow participation by students at remote sites) and the laboratory and clinical portions are delivered locally and at partner sites throughout Oregon. Graduates will be eligible and prepared to sit for the national certification examination.

Please contact our program site coordinator, Crystal Patton-Doherty, at 541-278- 5876 for more information about this program.

Wenatchee Valley Community College: Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program

BMCC has partnered with Wenatchee Valley College to offer this two-year degree to provide students with the general knowledge and basic skills needed for this allied health profession.

During the preparatory first three quarters of the first year, the typical MLT student takes general education courses and specialized medical laboratory courses designed to provide a solid base for the second year of on-the-job training. Students spend the second year in medical laboratory facilities that have agreed to be training centers, while simultaneously taking theoretical supporting courses.

Please contact our program site coordinator, Crystal Patton-Doherty, at 541-278-5876 for more information about this program.

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