May 22, 2024  
2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Addenda to 2018/19 Catalog

http:// Associate of Science Oregon Transfer/ Business Degree (ASOT/BUS) removed BA227 Business Ethics or BA285 Human Relations in Business from required Business Courses. 

5/14/18 COM111 Public Speaking removed from Art & Letters Discipline Studies List. 

5/14/18 Associate of General Studies Degree replaced Math requirement of MTH095 Intermediate Algebra or higher with MTH092 Quantitative Literacy II or higher. 

5/14/18 MTH098 Quantitative Literacy removed from catalog.

5/17/18 ANS261 Introduction to Meat Science and ANS262 Introduction to Meat Processing courses added to catalog under Agriculture.

5/17/18 AP Credit Chart updated to include AP Computer Science Principles exam score of 3 or higher may earn credit for CS160 Gentle Introduction to Programming (Credits- 4). 

5/30/18 Pre-Veterinary Technician Preparation added to Veterinary Studies. 

5/30/18 Statement of Core Competency Skills removed and BMCC General Education Outcomes added. 

6/27/18 Precision Irrigated Agriculture AAS total credits for degree corrected to 92 total credits. 

7/10/18 Agriculture Production AAS was modified to include “or higher” to MTH070- Elementary Algebra.

7/11/18 Business Administration Leadership and Service AAS was modified to include “or higher” to MTH095- Intermediate Algebra. 

7/16/18 Note added to Dental Assisting Program regarding program hiatus. 

7/16/18 Veterinary Assistant Career Pathway corrected to Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. 

2/20/19 Section 301 of Public Law 115-251Academic Services and Enrollment Policies