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2024-2025 Academic Catalog 
2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Oregon Transfer Module (OTM)

Oregon Transfer Module (O.T.M.), a one-year module designed to complete a portion of students’ general education requirements and is transferable to any OUS institution. Upon transfer of credits, the receiving institution may specify additional course work that is required for a major or degree requirements or to make up the difference between the O.T.M. and the institution’s total general education requirements.

This module is an excellent choice for the student who is planning to transfer to a four-year institution and either is undecided on a major or will be majoring in a program of study with specific lower division requirements that are not offered at BMCC. With the one-year module, a student can complete most general education requirements and then transfer to the four-year institution, where he or she can complete the remaining lower division requirements.

Transfer courses offered at BMCC parallel freshman and sophomore courses offered by four-year colleges and universities. If you are planning to seek a degree at a specific four-year college or university, you should become familiar with the requirements of the proposed major program at that institution. BMCC advisors are available to assist you in this planning process.

In addition to the requirements of a major, OUS institutions require that the student earn credit hours in each of the major academic divisions: arts and letters (language, literature, and the arts), the social sciences, sciences and mathematics, and writing. These are typically referred to as general education requirements, or general university requirements. Students at BMCC who complete the A.A.O.T. as outlined will meet these OUS lower division general education requirements. Specific departmental requirements at OUS institutions can be found in the catalog of the college or university to which the student intends to transfer. OUS institutions generally will accept up to 120 credit hours of lower division course work from Oregon’s community colleges.

A total of 45 credits are required to complete this module. All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 at the time the module is noted on the student’s transcript.

An OTM notation is made for students who successfully complete the following course requirements:

Foundational Requirements:

Courses must be a minimum of 3 credits (except for Health/Wellness courses, which may be any number of credits)


A student must have at least 8 credits of Writing; WR123 may be used to complete the 8 credits. (This course reference is for use by students transferring into BMCC who may have completed PSY203 at another institution or by students who completed the course prior to 2009 at BMCC.  The course is not available at BMCC.  Reference merely used to support pre-requisite identification.)

Oral Communication:


Complete a minimum of four credits in MTH 105Z  or higher.

Discipline Studies:

(courses must be at least 3 credits)

Arts and Letters:

Complete at least 3 courses chosen from at least two disciplines in this area

Social Science:

Complete at least 3 courses chosen from at least two disciplines in this area

Science/Math/Computer Science:

Complete at least 3 courses from including 1 laboratory course in biological and/or physical science.