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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AST - Business

Associate of Science Transfer - Business (AST-Bus)

Students earning an AST-Bus degree from Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC) must successfully complete the following requirements along with additional requirements of the AST-Bus degree: 

Credits Required: 93 Credits include only those that meet the requirements of this degree. 

Residency Requirement: Students must successfully complete a minimum of 24 quarter hours at BMCC. Eighteen (18) of these credits must apply to this degree. Non-traditional credit, credit transferred from another institution, or challenge credit cannot be used to meet the 24 quarter credit hour or 18 quarter credit hour requirement. 

Minimum Grade: All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. 

COURSE REQUIREMENTS: See Programs and Courses Section for courses that meet these requirements. 

Foundational Requirements: 

·        Writing: WR 121 and WR 227 for a total of eight credits of writing. Information literacy will be included in the writing requirement. 

·        Oral Communication: COM 111. 

·        Mathematics: MTH 243 and one course for which MTH095 is a prerequisite. 

·        Computer Applications: BA 131 and BA 230. 

Discipline Studies: 

·        Arts and Letters: COM 115 and two courses chosen from two or more disciplines. COM 115 meets the cultural literacy requirement.

·        Social Sciences: EC 201, EC 202, and two courses chosen from two or more disciplines. 

·        Science: Three lab science courses from at least two disciplines. 

·        Cultural Literacy: COM 115, as mentioned above under Arts and Letters. 

Business Courses: 

Students must complete the following courses: 

·        BA 101, BA 131, BA 211, BA 213, BA 206, BA 226, BA 230, and BA 277.


Any college-level course 100 level or higher that would bring total credits to 93 credits. See notes below. 


·        Maximum Number of Credits for Prior Learning (CPL): 22 credits of CPL may be applied to the degree.