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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

AAOT-Elementary Education

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AAOT-Elementary Education


The AAOT-Elementary Education degree is designed for those interested in pursuing a career in elementary education. This two year degree prepares students to transfer to an undergraduate teaching program at a four-year university. Required courses will explore topics related to student learning, teaching strategies, and requirements to become a professional educator for an enriching career in education. The Director of Education works closely with students to completion and to transfer seamlessly to a university of their choosing to ensure an efficient pathway to potential licensure.

GROW YOUR OWN: A program for students who want to remain local to Eastern Oregon and teach within our own schools. Earn an AAOT-Elementary ED degree in two years from BMCC and transfer seamlessly to EOU to complete the last two years. Completing all onsite at BMCC.


Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT)-Elementary Education

Writing: 2 courses

*A student must have 8 credits of writing to satisfy AAOT requirements or they must take an additional writing course

English Composition: WR121 & WR122
Oral Communication: 1 course Public Speaking: COM111
Mathematics: 1 course Foundations of Elementary Mathematics: MTH211
Health: 1 or more courses totaling at least 3 credits Health and Wellness: HPE295
Arts & Letters: at least 3 courses from 2 or more disciplines

Introduction to Literature: ENG104:106


Basic Design: ART115:117

- OR -

Beginning Drawing: ART131:133


Choose 1 more course from the following:

ART115:117, 154:156, 184:186, 204:205, 231:233, 254:256, 261:266, 276:278, 281:286, 291:293, COM112, 115*, ENG107:109*, 197,260*, 263:264, 269, MUS105, 205:207, PHL101:102, SPAN201:203, 218, TA101, 141:143, 241:243, WR227, 241:243

Social Science: at least 4 courses from 2 or more disciplines

History of the United States: HST201:203*


American Government and Politics: PS201, 202


World/Regional Geography: GEOG120*


General Psychology: PSY201

Science/Math/Computer Science: at least 4 courses from 2 or more disciplines

Foundations of Elementary Mathematics: MTH212 & MTH213


2 Lab Science Courses


  • General Biology: BI101:103
  • Cell Biology for Health Occupations: BI112
  • Global Ecology and Conservation Biology: BI124


  • Introduction to Geology: G101:103
  • Introduction to Geology-Pacific Northwest Geology: G105
  • Physical Geology: G201, 202

General Science

  • Physical Geology/Earth Revealed: GS142

Physical Science

  • Physical Science/Physics: GS104
  • Physical Science/Chemical Concepts: GS105
  • Physical Science/Energy: GS110
  • Essentials of Physics: PHY101
  • Introductory Chemistry: CH104:106
  • Foundations of Chemistry: CH110
Cultural Literacy Courses meeting this requirement are noted with an asterisk*
Education Courses

Foundations of Education: ED216

Multicultural Education: ED258

Learning Across the Lifespan: ED253

Special Education: ED169 (not offered as yet)

Practicum: ED280

Electives: As needed to complete 90 credits required for degree Other courses numbered 100 or above may be used toward this requirement.

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