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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Changes to programs, courses or processes and policies that become necessary throughout the year are noted here:

8/25/20 Early Childhood Education AAS Program page updated to remove duplicate course typo Early Childhood Education (AAS)  

9/28/20 Academic Calendar  Updated: Fall Online Registration, Full Refund Deadlines and Deadline to Pay for Classes extended to10/2/2020. Winter Term Schedule Opening updated to 11/9/2020 with Veterans Registration Opening 11/23/2020 and All Registration Opening 11/24/2020. 

10/5/20 Academic Calendar  Updated: Winter First Refund/Stipend Date changed to 1/13/21 and Spring First Refund/Stipend Date changed to 4/6/21. 

10/23/20 Industrial Systems Technology (AAS)  program updates approved 8/13/2020. Catalog updated 10/23/2020. 

11/20/20 Academic Calendar  Updated: Winter Online Registration date extended to 1/7/21 and Spring term Online Registration date extended to 3/31/21. 

1/27/21 Academic Calendar  Updated: Spring Schedule Open date moved to 2/8/2021. 

2/9/21 Correction made to PHL 103  Critical Thinking to include prerequisite of WR115 or Placement. 

3/18/21 Correction made to PHY 203  prerequisistes to include PHY 201  or PHY 211  . Correction made to PHY 213  prerequisites to include PHY 211  and MTH 252  .